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Panic City - Udo Lindenberg

Exhibtitiondesign & Propmaking 2018 /  Hamburg

panik city likoerelle.jpg

A multimedia guided permanent exhibition about the life and career of the famous German musician and singer Udo Lindenberg.

EXHIBITONDESIGN : Andrea Bohacz | SceneDeluxe 


FOTOS: Tine Acke

CLIENT: Panik City Betriebs Gmbh 

LOCATION: Klubhaus St. Pauli, Hamburg Germany

Handcolored PET bottles for the "Likörelle".
Number of pieces about 950

PET Flaschen.jpg
Boogie Park.jpg

Replica of the legendary "Boogie Park studio" with interactive video and vocal performance.

Use of original records and musical instruments of Udo Lindenberg as well as authentic music and recording studio equipment

Panik City Backstage

Design and decoration of an imaginary backstage area during an Udo Lindenberg performance

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